Tuesday, July 1, 2014

when home isn't really home anymore

For the past month or so, I have been doing a little bit of traveling and taking advantage of summer. I was in Los Angeles for a little while, and then I came home (Houston) for a few days, and then I left for Chicago. For those of you who don't know, I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. I lived there for a good 12/13 years of my life until I had no choice but to move. I moved to Texas with no expectations but to live a miserable life and rebel against my father because I was an angsty teenager. Little did I know I would build such amazing relationships here and grow a love for Houston, Texas. I spent years and years after I first moved to Texas wanting to come home to Chicago so terribly. I looked forward to every single summer trip to Chicago, hoping to see all my friends and all of my family. But there was something incredibly different about this year. This year, I didn't really look forward to this place I called home for so long. The people I knew, the places that I spent so much time at as a child...it didn't feel familiar anymore. I have been in Chicago for about a week now, and I have been nothing but uninspired and unmotivated. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing my mother and being able to spend time with my siblings. But the environment around here, it doesn't feel like home to me anymore. Maybe this is all a part of growing up and this is what happens when you learn to develop and change into the human being that you're meant to be. I have a yearning to come home to Houston, Texas. That place has grown on me, and I have been missing the place and the people in it more than anything. I have always been grateful for the family that I have there, along with the amazing friends and the lovely people. But I have grown such a copious amount of love and appreciation for everyone and everything in Houston, Texas. I have grown so incredibly homesick, I'm counting down the days for when this Chicago trip is over. Nothing feels the same to me anymore. The house that I grew up in, the places that I used to explore as a child...it all feels strange and unfamiliar to me. I'm no longer close with the people here anymore, the people that I used to call my close friends. Everyone has moved on to the next chapter of their lives and none of those chapters really have a place for me in it and I'm completely okay with that. This sudden realization and transition has made me realize that home isn't really home anymore. Home is not the place you grew up in. I believe that home is the place that you feel safe, the place where you can walk around freely and be able to feel completely at ease and happy with yourself and the people around you. Home is the place that you run to when you are struggling, the place you run to when you need some peace of mind. Home is no longer here for me, my home is back in Houston, Texas.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


The weekend is almost here, is anyone else as excited as I am?! Things have been super crazy for me, but I haven't forgotten to keep you guys up to date on the lovely, talented people in my life! Today I am introducing you guys to the beautiful, Haven Christian. She is a model and shop owner of Tipsy Gypsy! She currently resides in Michigan and spends her days caring after her adorable pups and managing her boho-chic trendy shop. Haven wanted to start modeling around the 6th grade, she would go and get glamour shots done because it was so popular at the time - and then she just started doing little jobs one after another! Her shop idea sparked simply because she's always wanted to go to fashion school for merchandising. Haven always had the confidence she could do it all on her own, and well, look at where she is now!
Haven has got a love for online boutiques, and she's recently gotten into shops such as Spell Byron Bay, Nasty Gal, Wildfox, Novella Royale, and much more. She also appreciates the cheaper side for basics such as Forever 21 and H&M. If she could put together an outfit from any store, it would be from Forever 21 because you can get so much more for your money! As the years have gone by, modeling has become more of a hobby for her. She's been very focused with her shop, Tipsy Gypsy, which just recently launched! Tipsy Gypsy is filled with many boho street style and handmade articles and there are so many unique items. There are things from flower crowns, to accessories, to swimsuits and cardigans - you name it and they've got it, all imported from all over the world and made just to fit you!
"The world is endless for you, you can be as big as you want to be and you can be as successful as you want to be whether that means being a model, store owner, etc. You've just got to get your feelings out and go forward with whatever it is you want to do with life!"

With Haven's modeling and her online shop, she's done it all on her own! She's hopes to have her own store front one day and continue the process of Tipsy Gypsy. This beautiful lady has so much talent and confidence, go give her shop a chance and check out what it has to offer! Follow Haven on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with her modeling, her lovely face, and Tipsy Gypsy!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Blood Moon

Tonight the moon will enter the darkest part of Earth's shadow at around 2AM Eastern Time! This is one of the most energetic phases of 2014, we are at a cross road of major changes along with incorporating our deepest creations with the profound energies of the universe. Focus on your mind, let your heart feel, and begin to embrace the changes that are coming. This April eclipse will greatly affect those with birthdays from the 15th to the 29th (my birthday is the 25th!). This is the time where certain relationships come to an end and new beginnings start to take effect. If you've been wanting to make a change, go after it and do everything you can in your power to make that change. Lately the wind has been insane down here in Texas, and if you really focus, you can feel all the stress from this past Winter slowly drifting away. Don't allow yourself to dwell on the past during this time. I've been catching myself thinking about certain things I shouldn't think about, and it seems to be a little easier to let go and move on from those thoughts. Focus on what you want rather than what you don't want. Instead of thinking, "I can't" think "I will". Let Spring give you the opportunity to move on and forgive those who have done you wrong. Build a foundation for yourself and tell yourself where you want to be a few years from now. Step into the new role that you are meant to fulfill on this planet. This Blood Moon is an indication of letting the old go, and letting the new fall in. You'll feel a certain heavy feeling, something dragging you. That is all the toxic energy that has been hanging onto you letting go. This is all a part of your transformation! There won't be another lunar eclipse until October, so take advantage of this time and appreciate what our universe has to offer. You can get an idea of the places in your life that will be affected by this eclipse by looking to see where 25 degrees Libra falls in your astrology chart. There are plenty of ways to find your birth natal chart - so if the eclipse falls close to one of your personal planets, this is very significant for you! Eclipses are always a time for change, it gives opportunity for new people and things to come into our lives. If you see yourself drifting from certain things and people, don't mourn over it. Chances are this is all a part of your transformation and changes. Tonight, welcome the balance and harmony that's about to enter your life. I will be waking up at around 2AM tonight to cast a circle, make a list of things I wish to let go of, make an offering to the Mother Goddess and the Universe, and enjoy the beautiful lunar eclipse. What will you be doing in honor of tonight? Blessed be, everyone!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I am grateful

As human beings, we spend our days going through a routine. We wake up, we go to work or school, we spend our days being tired and looking forward to the future. But so many of us fail to realize that the future can happen right NOW. Anything we wish for the future can happen at this very moment. We spend so much time being tired and worn out, we forget to appreciate the life we are given and we take advantage of it. There's so much of the world to see, so many people to meet and as humans we seem to forget that there's so much more to the world than our phones, our houses, and our jobs. I've been going through a little rut, feeling uninspired and stressing myself out over the most little things that shouldn't stress me out. One morning, I woke up and I was thinking to myself, "Goodness, I just wish to be the positive person that I am meant to be. I want to appreciate my life and open my eyes to the experiences and limits that are possible." And a month later, I'm feeling this burst of energy that I haven't felt in so long. I called up old family members I haven't spoken to in a long time and told them how much I love them. I became closer with my friends and decided to reach out to them. I continued to tell people that I love them every day and I grew to become nicer and less bitter. I'm letting myself having fun and I'm letting myself let go for once. I've been so uptight and secluded from the world, I've forgotten the feeling of just letting go. Surprisingly after a week of being happy and filled with all this lovely energy, my baby sister surprised me with a visit. Now keep in mind, I haven't seen her in over 10 months. Getting the opportunity to see her was so incredibly amazing, and it made me realize how grateful I am to get to experience the opportunities that I am given. The point of this post was to let my readers remember to be grateful for the little things in life. With all the sudden, tragic deaths that have been publicly displayed via the media - you begin to realize how short life really is, you never know when it will be taken away from you. So go on and spend time with your family, tell your parents that you are thankful and that you love them. Tell your friends that you appreciate the time they spend with you. Laugh a lot and smile as much as you can. Let love in and see what it does for you and your soul. Do the things that you love to do because you never know when you'll never get the chance to do them again. Be grateful for this life you are given. You have so much potential and opportunity. Step out of the box, stand up for yourself, and look for those opportunities.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Introducing you guys to the lovely, Jessica Ess! She's a female vocalist from Chicago, Illinois. There has always been something unique about Jessica - from her voice, to her image, along with her personality. Jessica is sincere at heart and deeply sincere in her music. She's been surrounded by music all of her life! Jessica was inspired at a very young age by artists like the Spice Girls and Britney Spears (I mean, what girl wasn't?!) that she would dress up like them and perform in her living room. These past few years have been quite crazy for Jessica, in a positive and negative way. In 2012, she got the opportunity to collaborate with Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens) on their acoustic EP, If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack, on the song, "Don't You Ever Forget About Me".
Shortly after that, she paired up with David Newton and formed together a female fronted, post hardcore band called The Atlantic. They've been in and out of the studio, constantly putting together their creativity and trying to complete the band piece by piece. It's been a long and difficult journey for them, and it's still continuing to this very day...
So then just recently, Jessica and the band released an official statement (you can read it here) and turned a new leaf for the band and for themselves. They are now known as Paper|Cities and they will be releasing a brand new song tomorrow! As she said so herself, the band is stronger than ever and she couldn't be happier about it. Jessica is super excited on this simply because now she is free to express herself through her music with no setbacks. Go vote to have them play Warped Tour this summer!
Besides the band and the music that Jessica dedicates her life to so dearly, she has other interests that she's always wanted to pursue! She's got goals such as getting a real estate license, finishing cosmetology school, and putting her own artistic ability into her clothing. She collaborated with ilovestud this past summer and put together the Forever [You]ng clothing line! She is a buzzmaker at Buzznet and got the opportunity to give us all a sneak peek at some of the pieces!
Through Jessica's experiences in the music industry, she's gotten the lovely opportunity to work with people that she's always admired and looked up to. But if there was one artist that she could work with, it would be Gwen Stefani! One item that Jess holds dear to her heart are her dog tags. "I feel like all my accomplishments are held in these necklaces. They've been on through every show I've ever played and every struggle I've overcome in this industry."
All in all, Jessica has got so much potential and she's ready to show it. I'm very excited to see where Paper|Cities end up in the future because it's looking very bright! Please go like her band, Paper|Cities on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! Follow Jessica on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with new releases and shows. The music world is one of the most tough industries to be in, so show your love and support to all your local artists!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


The air is clearing up and the sun is shining so brightly, the birds and bugs are slowly coming out and the aura is renewing and welcoming. Spring is finally here and I could not be happier about it! On this day, the light and the darkness are both equal - but the Horned God is now developing and growing stronger after the Winter Solstice. There's going to be longer and warmer days, the world seems more renewed and refreshed, introducing the chance for amazing changes and opportunities! Wiccans and neopagans take the spring equinox as Ostara, and it is the celebration of the Sun God and the Maiden Goddess' marriage. The Sun God and the Maiden Goddess represent characteristics of a new season! Ostara is one of 8 neopagan sabbats (holidays) that make up the Wheel of the Year. It's the celebration of nature itself and the perfect time to do deep cleaning around the house, start planting different herbs and flowers in your garden, and planning new things for yourself! Just like the Christian religion has Easter, Wiccans and neopagans celebrate Ostara. Some symbols for Ostara include eggs, rabbits, flowers and seeds. Many neopagans believe these symbols to represent the beginning of spring and use these items in rituals, altars, feasts and festivals. Tomorrow I will be setting up my little altar for Ostara and celebrating with my friends! I hope you all have a wonderful beginning to the season. Spring is my absolute favorite because everyone is always so happy and everything feels so fresh and new! Also, my birthday is this upcoming April so I'm even more excited for Spring now. Happy Ostara and Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate and blessed be.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Meet Lina Assayed, known as Lina Bugz - she's a phenomenal stylist and fashion blogger hailing from Orange County and Los Angeles, California. Lina is currently majoring in Product Development at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. For as long as I've known Lina and have been following her, she never fails to amaze me with her collaborations and work. I know that if I ever need a stylist, Lina is definitely the first person that I want to go to! This is something that Lina is wholeheartedly passionate about, she thanks her mother for the inspiration she got from her as a child. Her ultimate place to shop from is Dolls Kill, which who can blame her? Dolls Kill is a badass outlet for all of us ladies wanting to express ourselves!
Lina has collaborated and modeled with brands such as Tunnel Vision and Tilted Sole. This is something that Lina sees herself doing for a very long time. If there was anyone that she could work with in the industry, it would definitely be Miley Cyrus! Can you imagine the crazy and outstanding work that would come out of that collaboration?
Lina updates her blog regularly with new looks that she's put together and even informs her readers on where she goes to get the inspiration and pieces for her outfits! She's got incredible creativity and knows how to bring her unique visions to life.
All in all, I'm just incredibly excited to see what the future has in store for this talented lady! I only hope that one day we get to collaborate together and do something out of the ordinary! Go check out her blog and follow her on instagram, twitter, and check out her lookbook!